Advanced Technologies

The Advanced Technologies Department at Meptagon provides custom-built solutions in automation & process control, security & integration, software development, and other areas of advanced technology.

We tailor our solutions to customer requirements, making them a turnkey solution or a module, as per customer needs/ requirements.

We aim, as always, to stand at the forefront of technology and adopt best available methodologies and tools to ensure our customers have an effective solution.

We specialize in: 

  • Automation and process control
  • Integrated solutions for security and defense
  • Software development and cyber security solutions
  • Other advanced technology solutions




Automation and process control

We specialize in developing PLC solution according to SOO, engineering and process consulting for control systems, developing control and automation systems for building management, developing graphical operations and control systems, data collection and processing in production rooms, and all-round solutions for real-time analysis of manufacturing data.

We stand out in our ability to provide optimized advanced solutions for a broad range of systems. This includes in-depth analysis by high standards and quality professionals who will take all it needs to improve efficiency and enhance existing control systems and processes.

Main services

  • Design PLC systems based on SOO (sequence of operation) using P&ID (piping and instrumentation diagrams)
  • Design, develop and support command and control systems
  • Develop applications based on GE, Allen Bradley, Siemens controllers and other top PLC manufacturers
  • Develop graphical control systems based on HMI/SCADA platforms
  • Develop OPC/ telecommunications protocols
  • Supply building management systems (BMS) including design and implementation of building control
  • Develop automation systems based on the Delta V platform
  • Cyber solutions for control systems
  • Design and build control panels
  • Build custom-designed control centers


Security and integration

We lead security and integration projects for institutions. Our service includes identifying customer needs all the way through to an end-to-end solution.

We supply the professional solutions for:

ACS (Access Control Systems):

  • ACS
  • Intercom systems
  • LPR systems (License Plate Recognition)
  • RTLS systems (Real Time Location System)

Video systems:

  • Video management systems
  • HD cameras
  • Analytical systems
  • Data storage

Identification and alarm systems:

  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Electronic fences
  • IP-based PA systems

Software integration, and cyber:

  • Custom-built specification-based software
  • Integration of legacy systems with new ones
  • Cyber solutions

Communications Infrastructure:

  • Deploy IP communications infrastructure
  • Deploy analog communications infrastructure
  • Deploy any kind of infrastructure

We provide all-round solutions that include:

  • Preparing a complete security plan with threat analysis and risk survey
  • Design and built control center
  • Developing, programming and implementing software
  • Delivering and configuring equipment
  • Providing configuration management of integrated security systems with technical support and consulting


Delivering a comprehensive security package that covers analysis, design, procurement and installation:

  • Implementation and integration of command and control centers
  • CCTV control and digital recording systems
  • Video management systems and Video Motion Detector
  • Perimeter defense systems with video analytic and electronic fences
  • Systems  Pedestrians and vehicle access control and management