Other Investments

Meptagon Green

Meptagon GreenMeptagon Green is the result of the J/V between REPDC GREEN PTE LTD and Meptagon LTD where the companies joined forces in a hydroelectric power venture.

Meptagon Green is led by an experienced team of professionals with more than 50 years of combined experience in managing hydroelectric projects worldwide as well as other large scale infrastructure projects.

Primary regions of interest: Caucasus & Europe (Central East). A sustainable operation will be achieved through the acquisition of under-performing operational green powerplant assets.

We seek to enhance the operational efficiency and economic viability of these assets through cost optimization, O&M improvements and improving energy yields.
For more information click on the link: www.meptagreen.com

Trans bio diesel

Trans Bio Diesel – Meptagon has recently become involved in the renewable energy business (Green Energy) and was selected by Trans Bio Diesel to be the EPCM company to design their new plants around the world. Trans Bio Diesel produces immobilized enzyme-based biocatalysts for production of first and second generation biodiesel fuels, complying with ASTM and EN specifications. Biocatalysts are environmentally friendly and enable the use of first and second generation feedstocks, while lowering the total production costs of biodiesel fuels.

The company has won several significant awards, granted by different forums, and received extensive recognition for its innovation and contribution to sustainability.

Trans Bio Diesel’s technology and biocatalysts are already employed worldwide by biodiesel producers.

For more information click on the  link: www.transbiodiesel.com


Magam Safety company is a pioneer of the defense industry (established in 1934) and manufacturer of specialized rubber and defense-industry products, such as anti-G suits for aircraft crew, advanced fuel-tanks, parachutes to name a few. The company collaborating closely with the IDF and Military Industries to solve the challenges of the future combatant while maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety.

For more details: www.magam-safety.com


TGM is the supplier of creative and smart packaging solutions for companies and security-related entities around the globe.  For 30 years TGM has applied an innovative world-view and professional expertise to the design and engineering of smart systems and packages. TGM offers a variety of products: smart packages, mobile workstations, cleanroom-compliant product packaging, as well as some classified turnkey solutions.

For more details: www.tgmcases.co.il