North to south

In northern Israel, at the Ziporit industrial park in Nazrat Illit, the Advanced Technologies division has designed and installed an access-control system at the offices of Magam Safety.

In the south, the archive project at Ramat Hovav industrial park has also drawn to a close with the installation of Meptagon-designed systems for access-control and intercom and a vehicle access BLE system.



Osem has opened its new Bamba (peanut butter puffs) plant in Kiryat Gat. Meptagon Group was actively involved in installing the Osem production lines in the new plant. In a fruitful collaboration between the two companies, the mechanical & pipe work and instruments & control departments in our Contracting Division have been providing ongoing support for this project for the past 14 months. Dozens of our employees worked on installing the production lines and infrastructure completing a complex project on a tight schedule. By integrating our teams early in the implementation we were able to contribute Meptagon experience and knowledge-based solutions right from the start. Production line capacity is one million bags of Bamba a day, and this is expected to expand to a million and half a day by the end of this year. Look out for the new visitor’s center expected to open later this year, where you will be able to take a peek at the production lines we installed.


Europe  votes… Meptagon!

The Advanced Technologies division has been awarded a number of projects in Europe and Meptagon is set to:

  • supply, install, and integrate the security systems for a hi-tech company in Galati, Romania
  • design a security system for a hi-tech company in Gdansk, Poland
  • set up and install a BMS/SCADA control center in a logistics center in Amsterdam for its IT center in Israel



At the national welding conference recently held in Ramat Gan, we heralded the BIM approach to design. Eyal Leshem, head of the design and engineering division at Meptagon, gave an overview of a technology that interactively integrates virtual elements in the actual environment in real-time. The system was demonstrated by Shlomi Kohavi, head of the design department.

By integrating 3D, laser scanning, and augmented reality tools in our design toolbox, we are able to create a complete picture of a project before we have started work.We use augmented reality to achieve greater precision and better simulations, and check for conflicts with objects on the ground, operations, and accessibility. We use these tools to embed the model in its intended environment, and this allows us to identify errors before anything is put on the ground, and prepare a correct and accurate project design. Augmented reality is best implemented with skids, and small to medium sized facilities. Want to see how this technology would work for you? Write to:


Meptagon Group has been selected by Aqwise to manage the detailed design of three wastewater treatment plants. The detailed plan has been designed with Aqwise-patented technology which provides 3D modeling of the facility, equipment lay out, plan for process pipework, power, and instruments, and a civil guide.

The three facilities, designed in Israel, will be built in Mexico, Turkey, and Ecuador.


Galam Ltd. will be installing a new facility for manufacturing FOS-based dietary fiber, and has selected Meptagon’s power, instrumentation, and control division to manufacture the power boards and install instruments and control systems in the new plant. We value Galam’s continued trust in us for the past 20 years.


Fabulous! CofaceBdi has again ranked Meptagon Group among the leading companies in Israel. We are so proud to continue a tradition of being business leader of the year, a multi-faceted rating that incorporates both quantitative and qualitative measures of success. We appreciate the continued vote of confidence in Meptagon.


Meptagon has grown in recent years, having diversified and expanded its capabilities, and emerging as Meptagon Group with the acquisition of a number of subsidiaries (Endor, IN.P.C., Magam Safety, and TGM).

As Meptagon Group we are able to offer our customers a broader range of services.

What does this mean in practice? Watch this