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This time, on a personal note, a word of thanks to the employees and managers of the Meptagon group in a complex lifting project for Tara: Last week, we completed a challenging lifting project of 8-ton tanks, in parallel to our ongoing work on the site. Due to the weight and size of the tanks, they could not be placed in the production hall without preparing massive support by beams. With meticulous planning and meticulous thought, the support beams were placed on the roof of the factory. Through drillings in the roof ceiling, steel ropes were connected from the beams directly to the tanks on the floor below, using chain hoists. “For a long time now, I have been visiting the Tara project and now it is obvious that the work is done at a very high safety level”, said our safety supervisor, Arik Sabag. “All workers in all different departments take personal protective gear as a work method, working at height is generally in compliance with the safety procedures and if there are safety defects, they are treated immediately.” We would also like to commend the crane contractor, Manofei Yehuda, for carrying out worthy work in full cooperation with the project managers and under their management.

Well done to all partners!


Congratulations to Meptagon on being included in the DUN’S-100 ranking and being affiliated with the leading industrial companies of 2018


The advanced technologies section at Meptagon group recently completed several successful projects in Israel and overseas. We planned and installed pedestrian access-control turnstiles (tripods) and fully integrated them with the central access-control system. In Linz, Austria we installed an access-control system at a microelectronics company. which we augmented with extra cameras and alarm systems. Also here, all the additions are fully integrated with the central security system. As we were wrapping these up, we were informed that we had awarded the bid on a pilot project at one of the Ben Gurion University laboratories, in Beer Sheva. This project involves installing an access-control system and developing command and control software for inventory, control, and project management. Good luck!


Did you know that Israel made a name for itself as a medical cannabis power? The Israeli medical cannabis industry builds on an immense knowledge base that is the result of long-term treatment and follow-up of thousands of patients. This has been a springboard for Meptagon Group which is one of the first companies to be involved in the design and establishment of GMP standard cannabis facilities. Medical industries are complex and heavily regulated, but Meptagon’s longstanding expertise highly-regulated industries has given us an edge in this area, specifically in compliance with Ministry of Health and Medical Cannabis Unit standards and requirements. We recently registered a successful collaboration with Bazelet Pharma in this field. The Meptagon Planning and Engineering division, together with Ludan Engineering, prepared a detailed mechanical design of a medical cannabis oil extraction installation. We used laser scanning to prepare a 3D facility plan (see minute 01:09 in the video clip) https://lnkd.in/gBSqkeY We place our professional expertise and experience at the disposal of initiatives in their early stages and offer turnkey facility construction services.

Shafdan WWTP

Recently, the Israel Export Institute, the Water Authority, and the New Tech Unit at the Ministry of Economy ran the Water Emergency Relief conference at the Shafdan WWTP in Rishon Lezion.

Under their auspices, the Israeli industry presented developments in emergency solutions and water technologies.

Meptagon Group, represented by the Advanced Technologies division and two Meptagon subsidiaries presented know-how in a number of areas. Meptagon Group members were invited to share their expertise in the specific area of water-related emergencies.

The Advanced Technologies division exhibited cyber-security solutions, IN.P.C showcased smart device solutions, and Magam Safety demonstrated smart solutions for the potable water industry.

air quality analysis

Yes, it has happened! IN.P.C. has signed an exclusiveness agreement with Skyray Instruments, a supplier of air quality analysis devices (for detecting metals and gases).

The company specializes in the manufacture and sale of spectroscopic and chromatographic analytical and measuring devices.

The company invests extensively in R&D, and has 150 distributors and service stations worldwide.

The Skyray environmental heavy-metal analyzer is a great improvement over many analog devices for measuring air quality. It is capable of detecting sub-micron metal particles in the air we breathe, and facilitates locating and tracking pollution sources, forecasting pollution, and providing early-warning alerts.

Another device, the handheld XRF spectrometer, allows on-the-fly analysis while conducting continuous process control, inspection of finished products, identification of metallic substances, locating heavy metals in soil, and much more.

For information about additional products and the exclusiveness agreement, please write to: info@inpc.co.il

Environmental Protection national monitoring system

As part of the Ministry of Environmental Protection national monitoring system, Meptagon Group member, IN.P.C., is proud to offer and operate an air-quality monitoring system which will serve the residents of the Gaza envelope who have been facing fires ignited by incendiary kites.

The mobile unit will measure air-pollutants: fine inhalable particles (PM2.5) that are a public health hazard and a proved carcinogen, nitrogen oxides, nitrogen dioxide, and ozone.

The system will also measure wind direction and velocity so that the pollution source can be identified.

Gaze envelope residents will receive real-time data about air quality in their area on the Ministry of Environmental Protection website http://www.svivaaqm.net/

We hope and pray for times of peace.


The people of Israel are responsible for one another (source: Jewish sages)

At Meptagon Group we believe in giving. We are convinced that a better process goes hand in glove with contributing to our community.

In this case, we promoted and executed the social vision of company employee, Eran Shenhar, who volunteers at Shafririm, a high school for children with compound learning disabilities.

We set up five control workstations that can be used to plan, operate, and control an industrial process. Our goal is to expose students in the computer science track to industrial process control.

These workstations open a real-life window into our work and demonstrate what we actually do. We hope this will boost their academic achievements, allow them to gain some real-world experience, and possibly even guide them toward a future profession.

We gratefully acknowledge D. Knaani Ltd. Electric Wholesale

HamLet Group, Geva Control Ltd., and Siemens Israel for their kindness and generosity.


The microelectronics branch of the Contracting Division at Meptagon has again been selected to execute a complex gas and chemical supply project at the highest purity grade.
The team will be building a complex infrastructure of gas cabinets and pipework. Some of the pipework will use coaxial tubing (pipe in a pipe) and will require a pipeline bridge.
This project includes converting public area to a professional cleanroom.
Dozens of employees will be working on this 7-month project which includes design and installation of 33,000 feet of clean pipeline with diameters of 3/8” to 1 1/2’’.
Good luck!


60 seconds about Full BIM design done right:

Meticulous full BIM design with laser scanning technology streamlines planning and implementation and delivers:

  • High precision
  • Detailed plans
  • Supports planning
  • Work programs and isometric drawings
  • BOQs
  • Detailed reports

Using this method we successfully added a 15 m tank to an operational tank farm, and connected it to an existing PVDF large-diameter pipeline.
While still in the planning phase we were able to identify potential pitfalls and averted unnecessary setbacks during installation.
Thanks to effective and detailed planning, implementation kicked off well before the arrival of the tank.
To find out more and schedule a meeting, contact Eyal Leshem, Director of Design and engineering division: eyall@meptagon.com


Designed and implemented a security system with 350 cameras and 200 fully-integrated door access-controls deployed passive communications infrastructure, configured active switches, and connected to existing systems. This profusion of activity was part of a complex project that also involved managing multiple contractors.
This project was executed in a sensitive manufacturing facility with hundreds of employees at work, without interrupting work schedules and maintaining a high level of security throughout the operations.
Complexity notwithstanding, we completed the project ahead of schedule (almost a month early!) to our customer’s satisfaction.


We are pleased to welcome TGM to Meptagon Group family! TGM is the supplier of creative and smart packaging solutions for companies and security-related entities around the globe. For 30 years TGM has applied an innovative world-view and professional expertise to the design and engineering of smart systems and packages. TGM offers a variety of products: smart packages, mobile workstations, cleanroom-compliant product packaging, as well as some classified turnkey solutions. To find out more, please visit the company website: www.tgmcases.co.il

Seven Grade C clean labs

Seven Grade C clean labs are up and running – a recent project completed by Endor, a Meptagon Group company. The labs were built for a pharmaceutical company that specializes in short half-life radiopharmaceuticals for PET and SPECT applications and is involved in developing new cancer therapies. The first step in this two-month project was preparing a detailed plan of the components in the cleanroom compound (filtration units, ceiling, lighting, air intake stations, HPL paneling, etc.). It was a step-wise process which required us to work in pulses and on a tight schedule, maneuvering around the customer’s round-the-clock manufacturing activities. In practice, this meant that with each stroke another area in the compound was demolished and rebuilt and all the lab equipment had to be moved (including lead protective hoods). Next, the newly rebuilt labs passed a partial qualification.

Before construction could begin we were required to take down ceilings, walls, and floors, and carefully dismantle doors and anterooms. We then built new walls, renovated and painted existing walls to match cleanroom design, added HPL paneling to the walls, installed a clean ceiling, antistatic PVC floor, pharma-grade windows and doors as specified by the customer, constructed paneled walls and motorized doors in the radiopharmacy lab, installed airlocks and door interlock systems, supplied and installed ESCO fume hoods with blowers, laminar tables manufactured by Endor, and finally qualified the labs and the equipment.

Our customer was fully satisfied and even expanded the project scope by 20%.

Marketing Conference

This week Meptagon Group convened an internal marketing conference for Endor Systems 2009, IN.P.C. and Magam Safety.
The conference showcased the group’s professional capabilities in a variety of areas of activity.

Over 100 employees came to the business compound in the Kiryat Gat industrial park to learn more about the group activities:

  • The Project Management division provides general contractor, maintenance management, and facility maintenance services.
  • The Engineering Division provides process planning and custom engineering services.
  • The Advanced Technologies division operates in the areas of security, access-control, facility control, and software.
  • The Contracting Division executes projects in mechanics, pipe work, power, instruments and control.
  • Endor Systems supplies industry and cleanroom equipment, as well as inspection services for compliance with cleanliness standards.
  • IN.P.C. supplies a broad range of top-of-the-line equipment and control components, and Magam Safety supplies custom products to the defense industry.

During the conference, we shared success stories of completed projects, studied the Group’s unique knowledge, and formed professional collaborations between the divisions and domains.

tamir levi

We are often asked: “How do you maintain a high level of quality in your work?” Well, over and above our commitment to allocating the resources it takes to maintain quality, and our persistent search for areas to improve, Meptagon Group has developed a unique process-control mechanism that encompasses:

  • acceptance and qualification of clean pipe systems and high-purity chemical systems
  • full supervision of the welding process by qualified supervisors
  • boroscopy to test the internal quality of the welding in low-purity pipe work
  • testing clean-air particle levels in high-purity clean pipe work
  • checking for helium leaks in high-purity clean pipe work
  • checking humidity in high-purity clean pipe work
  • checking oxygen level in high-purity clean pipe work
  • checking valve seal (leaks across the seat) in high-purity clean pipe work
  • planning and coordinating non-destructive tests: VT, RT, PT, MT, PMI in industrial pipe work installations

Apart from our professional services, which we provide directly rather than by a third party, we educate our teams and appoint domain-specific professionals. We also are able to provide analytical tests and highly-specialized instruments, but most of all we have the unmatchable experience and human capital that it takes to manage such projects professionally and to the customer’s satisfaction.


Magam Safety, a Meptagon Group subsidiary, has developed a uniquely smart product : self-sealing rubber. The product has been implemented in military vehicle fuel-tanks to improve safety. If, for example, a bullet of up to 20mm penetrates a protected fuel-tank, the rubber self-seals the opening keeping the fuel-tank intact and the mission on the road. Flexible fuel tanks have been implemented in armored personnel carriers, drones, gas stations and mobile refueling services, and even on ships. We are able to provide a custom-designed, safe and effective, solution that is adaptable (put it anywhere), sturdy (withstands loads of up to 620 gallons), simple (make field repairs), durable (up to 15 years), and makes dynamic use of space. These properties have made Magam flexible fuel-tanks the solution of choice in the design and engineering of ground vehicles, watercraft, and civilian aircraft. Now, isn’t that nifty? To find out more, contact: info@magam-safety.com https://lnkd.in/gMx9Ncd


Did you know that vehicle number plates can be used track vehicles en-masse? In a License Plate Recognition system (LPR) characters and numbers appearing in a photograph are optically recognized. Optical character recognition (OCR) is effectively implemented in many areas: vehicle access-control, paid parking, enforcement and collection, to name a few examples. LPR can also be found in systems for securing facilities, offices, and buildings. Companies commonly use LPR to optimize their operating efficiency and increase security at their sites. Usually LPR is integrated with infra-red (IR) security cameras capable of snapping a shot of a number plate any time of the day or night. This kind of identification can also be applied to stamping employee time clocks, access-control for authorizes persons, and more. LPR systems track and record movement of individual vehicles as well as groups of cars, and its ability to pinpoint an individual or a group of individuals can boost the efficacy of any security system. Yes, another professional service by Meptagon Group.